PRIGO ran for Tanzania!

The 2nd year of the charity event Run for Tanzania was held on the 6th of October 2022 on Thursday in the Dolní Vítkovice area and almost the whole school took part in it. Thanks to the combination of great weather together with the amazing team of our organizers, the conditions for this event were perfect in all aspects. And clearly, all our students experienced an amazing run. Runners were divided into several groups based on the age of the students and the focus of their field. The first students who participated in the run were the smallest and youngest of our ranks, the elementary school students. Later, there was a turn for students from the lower grammar schools and after a little while, students from the higher grammar schools also started their race. At the end of this day full of sports and other activities, students from the university and tertiary professional schools ended this whole event with their undoubtedly excellent performance.  The course of this event was supervised by our teachers who set a great example and supported all students as much as possible. However, in the ranks of our teachers, there were also those whose determination for this campaign grew to such an extent that they did not hesitate to join the race together with their students. In addition to the cheering teachers, the atmosphere of this event was complemented by a live performance of a band of our students called „Rozepnutý Buntek“, which gave a truly amazing performance. Several other additional activities such as a lecture on firefighting equipment in a fire truck or a model demonstration of resuscitation for the familiarity with the students were also given to all. However, I must also mention the Mental café stand, which offered light refreshments from whose earnings a contribution was made to support the integration of mentally disadvantaged people into society. From my point of view, I enjoyed the event exceptionally, even though I did not participate in the run directly. After all, the sight of running teachers was priceless and thanks to the enthusiasm of almost all participants, I dare to insist that the students and teachers as well as I enjoyed the event perfectly.   

I wouldn’t be lying, if I said, everyone is looking forward to the next year. Nevertheless, there is severe pressure on the next class of organizers because everyone knows that a high bar has been set. 

Some of the teachers didn’t hesitate to run side by side with their students
School’s band „Rozepnutý buntek“ took care of the musical program
The main organizers made sure everything was working properly
For each student, it wasn’t only a day without school, it was precious time spent with friends for something bigger
Without Ms. Babralová and Ms. Maralíková the whole event wouldn’t have gone without a hitch
After all day’s race, the winner was finally known