Halloween as it should be

Music, laughter and screams of terror, all of those could be heard from the Mojmírovců PRIGO campus on the frightful days of the Halloween season. 

As all the classes were coming to a close and the events of the 21st of October were drawing ever nearer a certain sense of suspense could be felt in the air. Everyone was nervously finishing up the decorations of their class and adding the final touches to their Halloween costumes while they were waiting for the Halloween challenge organised by Sexta8 and IBDP 2022 to begin. The students, the classes, and the whole school were a sight worth seeing that would fill anyone with horror. Body bags in the hallways, blood spilt in classes, and spider webs along every step of the way were just the beginning which paved the path past the shivers indulging costumes of the students walking by.

However, the students were not the only terrifying creatures passing by. Meeting the teachers that day would give goosebumps to anyone and not just the students worrying about the test for once. That is correct, even our teachers came tuned in for a Halloween competition of their own. All the bystanders were rating the costumes of our dear tutors, cheering along to the teachers’ gimmicks as they shuffled through the “stage”. Everyone had a blast, yet there can be only so many winners. The voting concluded and the winners were unmasked – Mgr. Tomáš Juřica placed first, with Mgr. Pavla Bačovičová coming in behind him in a close second place, and finally, in the third place came Ing. Monika Kubáňová. On the other hand, even our students did a remarkable job dressing up and making their costumes for a competition of their own, rated in a Kahoot by a selection of our school staff. After careful consideration, we have had Zuzana Knoppova and Tomáš Navrátil in third place, followed up by Lukáš Weselý. Although, for the winners, there can be only one, in the first place came Bára Julinová. Everyone’s Congratulations were in order for all the winners and everyone taking part together contributing to our PRIGO Halloween season 2022.

Halloween sleepover – The night of fright

For the lower grammar school students, the journey was not over yet. A selection of 26 brave volunteers gathered at school around 5 pm awaiting what was to come. The students enjoyed activities such as carving Jack-o’-lanterns which decorated the school for the following days, enjoying the groove of a dancing session, disco ball included, or sitting around a fire enjoying the hollow atmosphere.

Yet with everyone going to sleep the day was far from over. It would not be Halloween without a scare. With the second-morning hour passing, we were all woken up to a treasure hunt not even the bravest of all dared to venture on without looking over their shoulder. Riddles, ever-present mist, the distant sound of Rachmaninoff playing, and dark spectres guarding the treasure everywhere you go. All of that and more was waiting for the poor souls as they delicately strolled through the halls of the campus.

In the end, everyone found the treasure, enjoyed the spoils, and went to sleep with joy. After breakfast, all of us went home tired but with an experience of a school sleepover, we will not forget for a long time.